I am a stay at home Pippi aka Granny that loves to use the internet to shop for good buys, find freebies and ways to make some extra moola to help my hard working and loving hubby pay for all the fun things our grandson needs for a successful toddler life and to fullfill our jobs as the grandparents of course! :) I also like a good smelling house so I use and sell Jewelry In Candles! Ask me about my candles and you may just get a discount ;) seeing how I LOVE deals! Follow me on FaceBook, Pinterest, my Blog, and Twitter to see what Pippi has in here pocket!
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Pippi's Candle Page

So…how does it work? First you choose your product. We offer 21 oz jars, 5 oz wax tarts (for candle warmers) and will soon be offering aroma beads. They come in 10+ different scents plus unscented. After you have picked out your product and scent, it’s time to get to the jewelry. You let them know which type of jewelry you would prefer: a ring, a pair of earrings, or a necklace. You can even choose which size ring you get so that you are sure to be able to wear it. Once you place your order you wait for your candle to arrive. Once your candle arrives, it’s time to see what you got. You can begin burning or melting your candle. Once you start, your jewelry prize will begin to reveal itself. The jewelry is encased in a foil wrapper (so you don’t have to worry about it being encased in wax). Then you simply pick out the foil pack and reveal your piece of jewelry. “The jewelry found in our candles will range from $10 to several thousand dollars. You will discover jewelry ranging from silver plated or gold plated jewelry some with stones made from cubic zirconia or other materials. As the value of the jewelry you discover increases you will find titanium jewelry, solid sterling silver, solid yellow gold and solid white gold and may include real diamonds, rubies or other precious jewels. For even more excitement, we have bonus jewelry candles that could arrive in your order containing hi-tech electronics, gift cards, vacations and other grand prizes yet to be announced.